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East  Dean and Friston Cricket Club

Important letter from the Cricket Club

Update on the Cricket Square

Regarding re-sitting of the cricket square, I would like to thank the supporting letters from the village residents. We have some donations and we are awaiting the outcome of the grants. Later in the summer, we will have further information on whether our applications were successful and whether our plan for continued cricket in the village of East Dean and Friston comes to fruition.



Did you know that EDFCC have been playing cricket in the village since 1896 and our players range in age from 15 to 74 including both gentlemen and lady cricketers. We are writing to you to request your support to help the East Dean and Friston Cricket Club (EDFCC) to reduce the risk of injury at the Village Recreation Ground due to the close proximity of the adjacent new housing development.

We are not requesting money, nor a donation, but simply a letter showing your support.


The new Housing Development at the Fridays is nearing completion and its close proximity to the Village cricket square has raised a new risk of cricket balls striking property or people in the new housing development. It goes without saying that we’d like to avoid that situation and / or reduce the risk of that happening at all, as we’re sure would you.


You may be aware that this risk was a topic of considerable discussion during planning and would not have arisen had the housing not been proposed. EDFCC and others raised objections and suggested alternatives to the design which were sadly not upheld. So the very close proximity of the housing is a new problem for the cricket club where the cost of rectifying the problem appears to fall with us


EDFCC has since been exploring its options for how to solve this problem, with the advice of the English Cricket Board and support of the Sussex Cricket League, of which we are a member. One option is to move the cricket square 22 yards to the South at a cost of approximately £10,000. EDFCC is preparing for a number of grant and sponsorship applications to help fund this project and many of these applications require demonstration of local support for, and benefit from the project.


The purpose of this letter is to ask, if you support our endeavours, whether you would write a letter of support which we can include within our grant application packs in November 2018.

Your assistance will be seen as a very positive demonstration of your concern for and interest in the welfare of the local village community. Success will help secure the future of cricket in the Village and we’d very much appreciate your support.

Please can you post your letter to East Dean and Friston Cricket Club, c/o Jason Woodford, 8 Wenthill Close, East Dean, BN20 0HT or email your support to eastdeanandfristoncc@outlook.com before the end of October

Many thanks,

Jason Woodford


On behalf of the East Dean and Friston Cricket Club Committee