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Building Work: Code of Good Practice

This Code provides advice to residents planning any major building or other work to their property. It aims to minimise disturbance to neighbours and road users and prevent delays to emergency vehicles.

Planning Permission

Where planning permission is required, planning applications have to be submitted to the South Downs National Park Authority (SDNPA) www.southdowns.gov.uk It is also worth discussing your ideas with the Planning Officers at SDNP. They may be able to advise on what is likely to be acceptable, thus saving you time and money. You should also check the Village Design Statement, available on the Parish Council website under the ‘Planning’ tab; this is an official planning document, adopted by the planning authority and designed to ensure that any building work is in keeping with the area.

Keeping your neighbours informed

Let your neighbours know if you are having building work done. It is also a good idea to consult them at the planning stage, as it may prevent disagreements later on.

Give a written undertaking to rectify any damage caused by your builders Advice for Builders

In general, try to consider the safety and comfort of neighbours and other road users. Before work starts, ensure your builders are prepared to adhere to the following guidance:


 Never block the roads; they are used by public service vehicles (police, fire, ambulance, recycling/waste trucks, local bus). Leave room for emergency vehicles, which can be wide; delay can cost lives.

Wherever possible, park contractor vehicles and skips off-road or on your own verge.

No more than three contractor vehicles to be parked on the road at any time. Don’t damage neighbour’s verges and never block a neighbour’s drive.

Check vehicles and skips do not cover Mains services access points or meters.


Respect the voluntary 20mph road speed on the Downland Estate and the statutory speed limit elsewhere in the village.

Noise and disturbance

Don’t operate heavy machinery or power tools before 8am.

Don’t play radios loudly outdoors.

Don’t burn rubbish on site and remove all unwanted material from site.

The law restricts a builder/contractor conducting work to one advertising board, no larger than 2sq metres (permitted size increases by 0.4 sq m. for each additional contractor using the same board).

Issued jointly by East Dean and Friston Residents’ Association and East Dean & Friston Parish Council

Working together for the good of the village

Revised May 2017