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Exploring faith for yourself

Where did I come from?
Where am I going?
If there is a God, why is there so much suffering?
What is Christianity?

There is a crisis of misunderstanding of the Christian faith. Many Christian beliefs are widely misunderstood and often intentionally misrepresented in public discussions.

This site, here --- http://www.christianityexplored.org/ --- is a good place to start...

And this second site, taken from the series of "Exploring Faith Today" booklets, by an Anglican church minister in New Zealand, is also clear and informative. There are eighteen articles written to be easily understood by seekers and believers alike. They seek to be non-agressive, thoughtful and well informed, with the aim of helping readers understand more clearly the truth and relevance of Christian beliefs. Click on this link here in order to have a look yourself: http://www.christianity.co.nz/

We hope you find one or both of these sites helpful.

And, of course, feel free to come along to church or book a chat with the Rector or another church member to talk things over some more.

David Baker (Rector)
Telephone: 423266
Email: davidbaker1966@yahoo.co.uk

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